Growing Interactive History Timeline

Growing Interactive is dedicated to providing state-of-the-art software solutions for companies in the gardening industry. We combine a passion for gardening with experienced software development and digital marketing expertise.

With offices in the US and Europe, we are able to meet your specialized needs. Three key attributes set us apart from the average software company:

  • All our product development is driven by customer feedback so it meets real needs with elegant design
  • We place brilliant innovation as the center of our business to ensure that you benefit from the best products available
  • We like to get to know you and understand your specific requirements so that you get the maximum benefit from the integration of our technology

By working with Growing Interactive you can be sure that you get cutting-edge software that will produce an excellent return on your investment from a company that cares about the issues you face.

Our History

2007: We launched the UK's first online Garden Planner on, helping vegetable gardeners design the best layout for their garden. By 2009 we had expanded this internationally, building personalised planting reminders and a white-label solution for other gardening brands to use.

2011: As mobile web use took off, we expanded into app development and launched online garden planning apps in 2011. This resulted in us working with several international gardening brands to produce some of the leading gardening apps, including most recently the Homegrown with Bonnie Plants app (US/Canada).

2014: In 2014 we were the only gardening company to be successfully awarded a research grant to work with the University of York to analyse the spread of insect pests. This research is ongoing.

2017: With the wide range of companies we work with internationally, our initial focus on edible gardening has expanded to include ornamentals and for the 2017 season we added many annual flowers to our garden planning products, along with the most comprehensive companion-planting system ever developed, based on scientific studies.

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